Consultations on EXPANDING Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

The Government of Canada is asking for input by January 27 on their proposal to expand the criteria for euthanasia in Canada. Currently, to be eligible, death must be “reasonably forseeable”.

In September 2019, the Superior Court of Québec ruled, in a court case brought forward by two persons living with chronic disabilities, that it was “unconstitutional” to limit access to MAID to only those nearing the end of life. This ruling will come into effect March 11, 2020. The Government of Canada has also accepted this ruling and has committed to changing the MAID law for the whole country.

This “reasonably foreseeable death” clause was added to the law when it was passed in 2016 to protect people with disabilities, including those with mental disorders. Now, instead of focusing on improving resources for mental illness and chronic disabilities, the Government of Canada is proposing that death is a management option for those people afflicted by chronic suffering.

Updating Canada’s MAID law will not only expand eligibility beyond people who are nearing the end of life, it could result in additional changes once the review is complete. You will see that many of the questions on this survey is related to advance directives, like for those with dementia.

This is OUR opportunity to share our views with the Government of Canada on this critical issue between life and death. Use the comment boxes to challenge expanding eligibility to include advanced directives and to children, and to point out that safeguards need to be strengthened, beginning with the adoption of the Vulnerable Persons Standard.

If you would like to learn more about what physicians are saying about the dangers of the euthanasia expansion, refer to this statement. And if you are a physician, complete the survey from the Canadian Medical Association sent to your email on January 13, 2020 to express your views on removing the foreseeable death criteria, conscientious objection, advance requests, and eligibility for mature minors and those with mental disorders.

Government consultation closes on Monday, Jan 27, 2020 at 11:59 PM (PST) or 9:59 PM (MST)
To complete the questionnaire:

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